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11 Ways to Make Your Mid-Century Style Dining Area Cozy This Winter

Winter Decor for your MCM Home

Winter Decor for your MCM Home

Create an Amazing, Cozy Mid-Century Style Dining Area this winter

Mid-century style doesn’t have to be cold and empty; far from it! Regardless of your style though one of the coldest areas in the home can be your dining area! It’s easy to keep your living room and bedrooms in mind when you’re updating your home for a new season because most stores focus on these areas, but the dining area is always sadly neglected. If you plan on entertaining at all this winter then a cozy dining area can make all the difference between a night to remember and one where you’ll find everyone making excuses for leaving early…

I’ve collected everything you need to update your mid-century style dining area with some cozy touches this winter, and if you’re in the market for a big update I’ve added a few big-ticket items that will ensure your mid-century style flows through to this area of the home too. Once you’ve updated buy a few bottles of red, plan a dinner party with some of the great recipes from the books I’ve selected and enjoy!

Icon by Design Solid Walnut Magnus Dining Table

Pre Order: $2559
Buy Now: $3199

Solid Walnut Jorgen Sideboard

Icon By Design have two showrooms for you to inspect the high-end quality of their furniture. After all, when you’re investing in pieces like this that you can hand down through the family you want to be sure you’re buying well. You can visit them in Sydney at: Sydney: Supa Centa Moore Park:
2A Todman Ave, Kensington NSW 2033 and their new showroom in Melbourne at: Melbourne: 579 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121.

Because good furniture is an investment and not seasonal ‘throw away’ fashion I honestly believe you’re better to save a little and purchase high quality, classic modern design over pieces that are only going to last a few years, I’ve also tracked you a few offers (just click on the ‘Icon By Design’ Offer below for you to use when ordering your furniture!

Add Some Serious Texture to Make the Room Feel Cozy

Texture and layers = cozy. It’s actually pretty simple. Layers of skins or furs with cushions on the chairs, a rug big enough to fit under the table and chairs when they’re pulled out; do away with overhead lighting, unless you’ve got a dimmer, and light candles or use your table lamps. Red wine always helps too! I’ve tracked down some gorgeous, neutral design items with enough mid-century style that will work with any MCM home and won’t look out of place.

Harts Everest Hand Knotted Wool Rug (245X305)
Buzio Soft Faux Sheepskin to soften those chairs
Fur Cushion Covers
Cosy up the area with some merino fur cushions
Cosy Target Textured Cusion
Texture is always going to make a room feel cosy

Candlelight Brings Warmth to any Room

This Sohum Eco Cedarwick Pink Champagne Scented Candle will set the mood for the evening
Coloured glass tealight holders
At just $6 a pack of four you can grab a few packs and make your dining room totally hygge this winter

What to Cook for a Cosy Mid-Winter Dinner Party?

Alrighty, now you’ve got the furnishings sorted you’ll want to show your room off so I believe a Mid-Winter themed Dinner Party for an intimate group of friends is just the thing! But what to cook to ensure the night is a success? Delicious food people actually want to eat is always a good idea, I mean life is short and people can focus on low-carbs in the morning… As you’re aim is a  special night for everyone, take the time to choose recipes that you know your friends will love and feel free to keep the healthy factor up by following ‘clean eating’ principles f you must! Life, however, is for living and experiencing so pick a rich, delicious and extra-special end to the meal with a fabulous cheeseboard – very 1960’s – or go with something sinfully sweet!

Magnolia Table is full of delicious family recipes from Joanna Gaines
Cravings is full of fun, moreish food!
Food you actually want with NO guilt!

If you’ve got any additional suggestions, or perhaps you’re a vendor or maker of fab mid-century style products that would work perfectly this winter, get in touch so we can share and make this THE best winter we’ve had! Love, love, Bec x

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Vintage Style Dressing

Vintage Style Dresses

Vintage Style Dresses

Vintage Dressing: Can’t Find A Thing To Wear!

Hello darlings,

Do you ever have those days when you just cannot find a thing to wear? When nothing seems just right and everything you grab from the closet is either too dressy or too casual?

I’ve popped a link to our ‘Vintage Dressing’ Pinterest Board with the goal of giving you some inspo on those days you just can’t find ‘it’! It’s full of vintage photographs which are sure to inspire plus a whole array of vintage-style clothing, flat shoes, heels, dresses, skirts, tops, accessories, pants and more!

Scroll through and Pin all of the inspiration you need and next time you’re feeling a bit blah in the clothing department, just scroll through because it’s being updated constantly!

Love, love


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We’ve got all the Vintage Style you need this Independence Day!

Independence Day Dresses

Independence Day Dresses

Hey Retro-Lovin’ Gals,

As promised, this is the second half of our Independence Day weekend Vintage Style BBQ post and this part is AWESOME!
I’ve collected the most fab red, white and blue vintage style clothing I know you’ll adore. I’ve put it all together here and all you need to do is click on the link to go straight to the store where you can buy your perfect Independence Day outfit!

Now I know that you’ll have the hair and makeup covered, but I’m going to pop in some links to our Vintage Hair and Makeup Boards just to give you some inspo so you don’t have to think hard about the whole look! Oh, and I’ve popped in a few things for your favourite guy too, just in case he needs some new threads to ensure he looks as good as you do!

I’d love to hear which of these goodies you like best and don’t forget to tell me what you’d like me to find for you next!

Red, White and Blue Inspiration for the guys!

US Flag socks
Need something to keep his feet warm? These red, white and blue socks are just the thing!
Men's Rockabilly Shirt
He’ll get his kicks in this!
Knit Rockabilly vintage Shirt for Men
Looking smooth there Fella!


vintage 4th july photos
Up, up and awaaaay!

Making sure you look perfect from top to toe – we haven’t forgotten the shoes!


pluto glitter shoes
Actually there’s no need to scroll any further. Pluto. Glitter. Flats. Done.
Denim Blue Converse Hi Tops
A cool pair of unisex Chucks will work for you or him…

red white and blue shoes
If you wear these you’re pretty much done with patriotic clothing…
4th of July fireworks
An Elvgren Classic…
Mickey Mouse Flat Shoes
Okay, Mickey Mouse might be more American…

You’ll need a dress, Cinderella! Or at least a top and skirt, or pants…

Sweetheart Neckline Red & White Stripe Top
How cute is this red & white striped top?
Red & White Polka Dot Top
We adore this red & white polka dot, collared top!

Vintage Gingham Dress
This blue and white gingham dress is perfection!
vintage style ruffled swing dress
THIS is my favourite of all of the choices for 4th of July!


hell bunny jeans
Pedal pushers from Hell Bunny are a total classic!
Red Ruched Halter Top
This halter top is convertable so you can mix up a few different ways

A few accessory choices are what’s next…

Vintage Beads set
The finishing touch to your 4th July outfit!

red cat's eye glasses
Loving these red frame & lens cat eye pair of glasses
Collar Pins
Cute red, white & blue Cupcake Collar Pins will elevate your game this 4th July!

Heart Shaped Sunglasses Red

Glitter. Red. Heart Shaped. Tick!

Well Doll, thanks for reading this 4th of July Red, White & Blue Vintage Style post. I’d LOVE to see any photos from your 4th July celebrations; be they BBQ, picnic, cocktail or pool party!

Love, love dears
Bec xx

*We provide affiliate links and regular links in our suggestions. We may receive a small affiliate payment for some of the items above. Affiliate programs ensure that we can keep bringing you the goodies you adore!

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Hostess with the Mostest July 4th BBQ!

July 4th retro BBQ

July 4th retro BBQ

Hey Retro-Lovin’ Gals,

This Independence Day, why not host a 4th July BBQ and do it totally your way!
You know, a 4th July BBQ to end ALL BBQ’s! One that will be talked about for years to come!

Total vintage style, rockabilly vibes and a whole lot of fun! Today I’ve collected everything you’re going to need for the actual party and the next post will have so many different options for what to wear that you may have to host lunch and dinner in order to show off your latest outfits!

The list below is full of fun, vintage-inspired goodies to make your July 4th BBQ get-together a fabulous one that you’ll never forget. Just click on the image to go straight to the sales page.

I’d love to hear which of these goodies you like best and don’t forget to tell me what you’d like me to find for you next!

Love, love x

Open Road Brands Big Boy’s Die Cut Embossed Tin Sign

Retro Bob's Big Boy Sign
Let everyone know exactly how retro this party is gonna be!

Some Aprons to keep you from getting dirty and ruining your party dress!

Retro style apron
Look cute and stay clean with this gorgeous ‘I Love Lucy’ style red and white apron!


Fourth of July Apron
This super sweet 4th of July Apron will keep you looking gorgeous and make sure you don’t dirty up your dress!

Retro Barbecue Book full of Tasty Recipes for the Grillin’ Guy

retro bbq recipes
Retro Barbecue recipes for the Guy or Gal on the Grill this Summer!

Bears Fire LED Blowing Control Kerosene Candle Lamp

Retro Rechargable Lamps
These awesome retro-style Kerosene Lamps will bring a warm glow to your evening BBQ!
vintage style record player
Grab that pile of vinyl and get that music playing


Party Music
You’re gonna need some music at this party, so why not make your own?

Patriotic Decorations to Get Everyone in the Mood for fun!

4th of july paper fans
We adore these Red, White & Blue Vintage-Style Paper Fans!


American Flag bunting
Vintage Look Burlap Bunting, anyone?

Vintage America Banner

How cute is this Vintage-style ‘America’ Banner?

Independence Day Banner
If this ‘Happy 4th of July’ Banner doesn’t get you in the mood to celebrate we don’t know what will!

You’ll Need Something to Wave Too!

Heavy Cotton Flags
A little flag waving to get everyone in the celebratory mood!
Independence Day Table Cover
Red, White & Blue all the way!
Blue Glitter Swizzle Sticks
Red or Blue Glitter Swizzle Sticks for your fancy cocktails! Need I say more?
Red, White & Blue Rock Candy
Patriotic Rock Candy anyone?

What about an Independence Day Candy Buffet? Independence Day Colors of course!

Red White and Blue Reeces Pieces
Mini Red, White & Blue Reeces Pieces look delicious!
USA Flag Hershey's
American Flag Hershey’s Kisses
Red White & Blue Gummy Bears
Patriotic Gummy Bears
huge patriotic gummy bear
How do you feel about the World’s Largest Gummy Bear, in patriotic colours of course!

Look forward to seeing you next post with a huge amount of options for the vintage-loving gal and guy to wear to a 4th July BBQ, picnic, cocktail or pool party!

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We’ve Gone Geode Crazy, and we’ve found the perfect combos for you!

geode inspired decor

Geodes & Geode-Inspired Decor

geode inspired decor

Geodes as decor aren’t going anywhere in 2018 because friends, they’re still featuring heavily in stores and online!

We’ve found an amazing collection of geode inspired goodies in Palm Springs shades that will look fabulous around your home!

Products in this article are affiliate links and we may receive payments, which is good because it means we can continue to bring you the most fab MidCentury Modern goodies to fill your life with!

Pink Geode Bookends

JIC Gem Polished Brazilian Pink Agate Geode Pair Bookends
$22.99 US

Agate is a stone of strength. The metaphysical and healing properties of any specific type of agate depends, to some extent, on the color of the agate. Although, agate has a certain theme in common; strength. The color black, being a strong dominant shade, coincides perfectly with the strength energy produced by agate.

Dog anatomy model

Jason Freeny Purple Balloon Dog Anatomy Model
$26.78 US

This fun Jason Feeny Purple Balloon Dog Anatomy Model is the perfect modern piece for your home and the extra cool part is you get to put it together! With 26 pieces it is made from purple plastic and the skeleton and organs are detachable. It measures approx. 10″ long and 8″ tall.

Rose Quartz geode

rockcloud Rose Quartz Point Wand Faceted Prism Carved Figurine
$11.99 US

These Crystal Points Wands look great in any room of the house. Each Wand is 6-sided and sizes range from 1.7 – 2.3″ in length. Apart from looking great, they’re great for anyone wanting to balance their Chakras, collect crystals, or just set up a beautiful relaxing space!
rose gold bluetooth speakers

hCOMISO Rose Gold Bluetooth Portable Speakers 10W Drivers Enhanced Bass 12-hr Playtime

Apart from looking dreamy, this speaker delivers full spectrum audio and clarity at any listening level, is small and light enough to tuck in your bag and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to 15 hours of playtime! Can’t ask for much more really, can you?

Pink Velvet Sleeper Sofa

Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II (Pink Velour)

This perfectly gorgeous Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II in Pink Velour is ideal for your Palm Springs inspired home! With diamond tufted seat, cushion and arms and Victorian style wooden legs it looks amazing and the sturdy wood frame construction and easy-to-convert positions –  sitting, lounging and sleeping – mean it will be in your family for years to come!
yellow geodes

rockcloud Crystal Lemon Yellow Rock Quartz Cluster
$10.99 US

Geodes themselves are still huge and the amazing array of different colours you can buy will mean you can put them into any decor style you’re rocking! This beautiful ‘rockcloud’ Lemon Yellow Rock Quartz Cluster measures approx 1 – 2″ and is perfect for a sunny and bright living room. Yellow Rock Quartz is said to strengthen one’s aura while protecting the energies from being sapped by others.

Bucket Stool Ottoman
Mod Made Modern Bucket Stool Ottoman with Plywood Handle is so modern that it will fit into any MCM home you’re furnishing! I love this yellow but they also come in blue, green, and orange. The plywood handle allows for ease of movement and the fabric upholstery can be spot cleaned. Measuring 18″ x 18″ or 22″ with handle upright. Get in now!
MCM Lighting Sputnik Chandelier

Housen Solutions Brushed Brass 6-Light Modern Sputnik Chandelier
$108.99 US

This awesome MidCentury Mod style Housen Solutions Brushed Brass 6-light Modern Sputnik Chanelier is honestly the only thing you need for lighting in your living or dining room in my opinion… in fact, I’m going the bedrooms too! It measures 30″ w x 42″ high and the 4 rods are adjustable.
Multicoloured Agate Coasters

CoasterStone Absorbent Multicolored Agates Coasters (Set of 4)
$19.99 US

These CoasterStone Agate Coasters are so gorgeous you’ll want to stare at them all day… Sooo pretty! As well as being gorgeous they are super handy because they absorb sweating and spilled drinks so your table will stay clean and dry!

Jovivi Irregular Natural Titanium Coated Crystal Quartz Druzy Cluster
From $14.69 US

How beautiful are these druzy geodes? They’re perfect for any room in the house and come in a huge range of colours that work perfectly with all style homes! They measure about 1.85″ – 2.5″ and each one is unique so yours will be totally original. They’re also good for Chakra Cleansing and Reiki Healing.

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What to Do in Palm Springs

Things to do in Palm Springs

Things to do in Palm Springs

Welcome to ‘That Palm Springs Vibe’, a place where lovers of vintage, midcentury modern, pinup and rockabilly can find the very latest stores, events, products, tutorials, homes, decor, basically anything you want, we’ll find it for you!

Our passion is Palm Springs because it represents, in our minds, the ultimate in mid-century mod sophistication with it’s amazingly restored and lovingly cared for original mcm architecture and as you know it was THE destination for the biggest stars of the 50’s and 60’s who all had vacation homes in Palm Springs.

Our ‘That Palm Springs Vibe’ Pinterest account has Boards and Boards full of MidCentury inspiration for you to drool over, but if you think we’re missing something, or you’d like to see an article or round up on anything in particular, get in touch and we’ll get writing and photographing!

Enjoy our latest Pinterest Board ‘What to Do in Palm Springs’ for inspiration!